User Examples

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Small systems

One or two radios and one or two operators.


Large systems

Many radios and many operators and all the extras.


Security Dispatch Systems

Solutions for your dispatch central.


Airport Systems

Some special made systems. And other ideas for airports.


Marine Systems

All the specials for marine use.


Command & Control Vehicles

Large system for the fire defence or the police.


Mimer Vehicle Panel

Custom made ruggedized panels for radio control and more.

Mimer SoftRadio is used by a large variety of users all over the world.


Many types of organisations have found Mimer SoftRadio useful. From police to taxi, from harbours to security centrals.


Any organisation with a large number of radio base stations and/or a large number of dispatchers can organise themselves in a better way than before.


Scandinavian Airlines System


Swedish Coast Guard


Marine Systems


Fire Command Control Vehicles


Swedish Casinos

Large Systems 


Large systems can handle more than just radios.


Telephones can be connected to the system as well as intercoms, PA-systems and other audio products.


Bus Dispatch


Offshore Wind Farms

The Internet

Radios can be connected over the internet from one town to another, saving up on expensive leased lines.



Large Security Company


Currier firm with both Midband and VHF


All over the world

Mimer SoftRadio have been sold to more than 35 countries all over the world and is available in different languages.

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Bangalore Airport


Oil Rig - Many radio types