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Setting up your Mimer SoftRadio system



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Connect your Radio

The radio needs to be connected to the network interface.


Connect your Network Interface

The Network Interface needs to be connected to the IP-Network.


Basic settings

First you need to set up the IP addresses and some other basics.


User settings

Every user can choose which buttons to show and some other individual settings.


Network Interface Settings

In the Network Interface you set up the IP-address of the radio.



Some tips for setting up the system as good as it can be done.




There are technical questions and answers on the FAQ page, both on the system and how to set it up.




The technique behind Mimer SoftRadio.


A Network Interface is connected to the radio using the audio ports and the PTT-signal. In many radios also the control bus between the radio and the control head is connected. All signals are digitised and then sent over the network as UDP or TCP packages. The PC software will transform the information back to audio through the computers audio card and display radio control information on a virtual radio control head on the screen. 


Many users can access each radio in parallel and every user can access many radios.


Lean on band width


Each connected radio will only load your network with about 80kbyte, when some one is talking.


When there is no audio on the system there is only a "keep alive" status burst sent out every second to identify each network interface. 


Read more about the Mimer NetworkInterface

PC Software 


The user interface of Mimer SoftRadio systems


The same software is used for all types of radios.

In this way you can mix and mach different radios at the same dispatcher.


The same software can also be used for cross patching of radios, phone calls and intercom with the help of add on options.