Network Controlled Radio


Mimer SoftRadio - IP Network based control of two-way radios

Operating your two-way radio from your PC brings radio operation into the computer era.

No more radios filling up desk space! No more expensive leased lines!



Mimer SoftRadio XL with 12 radios,

PhoneConnect and GroupSend.

Lots and lots of extras have been developed to make your dispatch central complete.


We have options for cross patching, group sending, phone connection, diversity. We have servers for audio recording, status logging and more.


By clicking the menu at the left you will find answers to all your questions. If not, please write an e-mail with your questions.


To the left is a picture of a dispatcher set up with connection to 12 radios and a phone. The radios are organised in different tabs so that they can be easily accessed for different needs. Read more here.




Every radio type has its own virtual control head.



Virtual control head for:

Motorola MTM5400/MTM800E



Virtual control head for:

Motorola MotoTrbo second generation

All over the world

Mimer SoftRadio has been sold to over 40 countries all over the world.

At the moment Mimer SoftRadio is available in eight languages.

Read more here.



Training at Bangalore Airport in India.



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Standard Functions

The basic buttons and functions to use on Mimer SoftRadio.


Radio Types

Many different types of radios can be controlled from the same computer.




SoftRadio XL

The big brother of SoftRadio with more functions and control of more devices.



Radios can be connected together to make larger systems.



Gives the possibility to transmit on more than one radio simultaneously.


Receiver Voting / Diversity

The best receiver is automatically selected for listening at the operator.


DSC Signalling

Receiving and transmitting of Marin VHF DSC signalling.


Call Options

Speed Dial and Call Logging.



Phones can be connected into the systems.



Records the audio in the system for fast playback and logging.



Logs all status calls and voice requests in the system.


More Options

There are lots of options that will make the system better adopted for your needs.



We have a long list of equipment to make your system complete.
Take a look at:

- Intercom

- RadioServer

- NetworkRepeater

and much more.


Other types of Mimer Systems


Mimer SoftLine

Two Network Interfaces can be set up to work as a virtual audio and data line.


Mimer AuroraLight

Simple system for radio control in a vehicle.


Mimer Phone to Radio

Interface for a phone line to a radio.


Mimer Vehicle Panel

A rugged custom made control panel for use in vehicles.


Sirius Remote Panel

A rugged custom made control panel for Motorola MotoTrbo radios.



On the Download Page there is a downloadable list of all Mimer Components and options.

Small and simple to use


You can set the size of the application yourself. Maybe you want it small so it does not disturb other Windows programs or you like it to fill the whole screen.

When you whish to change channel or make a selective call you can also choose to bring forward the complete radio control panel, see Radio Types.

The secret is our Mimer Network Interface which connects any two-way radio to a computer network or the Internet.

By using a small windows program and the computers ordinary sound card you can control the radio and speak over it. All audio is sent in data packages over the network.


  • More than one dispatcher can control the radio in parallel.
  • Every operator can control more than one radio.
  • Every operator can monitor all his radios at the same time.
  • Even during transmit the monitored audio comes in from the other radios.



Every standard computer in the network is a possible radio operator position.


Mimer SoftRadio is an ideal solution for taxi or trucking companies where there aren't enough operator positions for the radio. Now you don't have to walk over to the table were the dispatch console is. Every office computer can be a dispatch position.



Mimer SoftRadio application with one radio connected.



Mimer SoftRadio application with many radios connected.


Many radios can be controlled from one computer.


If the same computer shall control more than one radio the panel will expand, one layer for each radio.

The operator can choose monitor and transmit for each radio. A click on the channel display will expand the virtual radio control panel for selection of channels and selective calling.


An arrow shows the radio last used. The channel with an arrow is were an external PTT button will function.


The "Wait button" is an option that sends out a tone burst to the mobiles, so that they will know that they should wait. This is useful when the operator is busy. It will stay lit until a dispatcher transmits on that radio or chooses to shut it off.


As an alternative to the Wait button, a "ReSend button" can be activated. The ReSend button will transmit your last voice message again. You can chose to resend on any radio connected to your SoftRadio, and you can resend many times.




Don't forget to visit the page with Frequently Asked Questions. We put all the good questions that we get there, and their answers.