Phone to Radio









Mimer Phone to Radio


There is a special type of interface that looks like the standard Network Interface but has a different usage.


It is made to connect a radio to a standard two wire phone line (POTS).

(It does not connect to a LAN or the Internet)


We have delivered this type of custom interface to one customer with the following functionality:

  • Controls Motorola GM380 (analogue) or Motorola System Spectra (SmartNet).
  • When called from the phone line the interface answers with a DTMF-tone.
  • You are then permitted to send two DTMF tones that will change the channel/talk group.
  • The interface checks that the right channel is changed by reading the display information.
  • After that all audio on the phone line will trigger the transmitter on the radio and all audio on the radio will be distributed on the phone line.
  • Call is ended by a DTMF-tone or by an inactivity timer.
  • The call can not be initiated from the radio. Only from the phone line.


This interface can be delivered as is, or it can be updated to your needs, please ask if you have an opportunity.