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There is a Mimer SoftRadio system for all radio users!

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Mimer SoftRadio

Mimer SoftRadio is a system that gives you the possibility to remote control your two-way radio over a LAN, a WAN or over the Internet. It also lets you mix and match different brands and types of radios as well as phones and intercom.


Many dispatchers can share one radio and each dispatcher can operate many radios.


With the virtual control heads you get the feeling of "sitting in front of the radio".


Why do I need this?

Mimer SoftRadio takes two-way radio into the computer era. You use your ordinary PC as a dispatcher console and you use your office LAN/WAN and/or the Internet for distribution. 


This opens up for completely new types of radio systems and dispatch centres. And it saves you money on leased lines!

Det finns en separat sida för alla som använder Rakel, på svenska.                  Rakelsidan

There is a separate page for all Rakel (swedish blue light) users in Swedish.

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