Network Connection

Connecting your Network Interface


One side of the Mimer NetworkInterface has a standard RJ45 connector for 10/100 base TCP/IP.


Connect this side to your IP network as described to the right.



Example of a Motorola GM360 and a network interface. The blue cord is a standard Cat5 cable.


Unique ID

Each Network Interface in the system needs to be given its unique ID-number and unique IP-address. This is done via the program "Network Interface Setup". Read more

Different connection types


Local Office Network

You can connect your Mimer Network Interfaces to your ordinary office network (LAN). All your computers on the office network will then be able to connect to the radios, if they have Mimer SoftRadio installed.


The Network Interface needs to have its own fixed IP-address.


Separate Network

In some cases it is better to run the Mimer system on a separate network, for example for computer network security reasons.


You can of course do this, just set up a separate CAT5 network. Either put in extra network cards on your computers so they can access two separate networks or use separate computers. With separate computers just for Mimer SoftRadio we recommend that you also use touch screens.


Fibre optics

We have customers that work in environments were everything is run via fibre instead of copper.

If so, you need to transform your network via fibre to copper converters.


WAN or the Internet

The Network Interface can also be connected to a wide area network or to an Internet connection, for example through ADSL.

The connection needs to have a fixed IP-address.


If you use a Mimer RadioServer at the radio site, the server will connect to the WAN or the Internet. And the Network Interfaces will then connect to the RadioServer.