MVP - Mimer Vehicle Panel











Ruggedized Train or Bus Operator Panel

for radio systems and more



The first generation train panel.

Custom designed panel for bus, train or other vehicles.


We have produced a new panel for trains or buses. It consists of a touch screen where the radio is controlled along with other functions onboard. The first order for 800+ units is now delivered and running.


It connects to a Tetra PEI-port and also other onboard systems.

The train driver easily sets the line he is driving, the destination and how many cars there are in the train.


All settings are made through the touch screen display.

SDS:s can be read directly on the screen.


There is also a service menu and a software to make changes in the panels programming.


The volume control and the alarm button are added as analogue devices on the panel as well as a speaker.



More details are found on the pages in the menu at the left hand side.


A brochure  and a presentation is available from the SoftRadio download page.


Tailor made


The panel can be made to connect to almost any radio system and the physical design can be made to fit any bus or train, or other type of heavy machinery.


For our first customer on this type of panel it was important that the new panel looked and had almost the same user interface as the 15+ year old panel it would substitute. So much of the design was given before hand.


The panel is tested for compliance with EMC, shock, vibration and other environmental requirements. The front panel including the speaker is fully water proof.


Important to note is that all the mechanical layout can be changed to fit almost any space and also the external connections to surrounding systems can be tailor made.


Please also note that there are no publicly available operating system (like Windows, Android etc) eliminating the risk of hacking and viruses.


Let us know your needs regarding systems to interface with and the required form factor, and we will be happy to discuss a custom designed solution.


MVP in the "set destination mode"


Watch the film describing

the basic functions.