Mimer AuroraLight on a mobile computer screen in a SAAB 9-5.



Interface for the COM-Port.






Mimer AuroraLight is perfect in vehicles.


When there is no room in the front of the ambulance for one more radio control head.


Mimer AuroraLight gives you the possibility to operate your radio from your vehicles mobile computer screen.


The standard control head is often installed in parallel in the back of the ambulance.


At the moment Mimer AuroraLight is tailored only for the Ericsson Aurora / Niros TRX3001 radio. It gives full control of the radios functionality. But unlike other Mimer products it is only for radio control, no connections are made to the audio paths.


Connection to the computer is done locally via the COM-port.


For Swedish ambulance, fire and police using SAAB PerformIT:s system "Paratus", the software comes preloaded.


For other users the system can be tailored to become an integrated part.


For use in dark environments, like a helicopter at night, the screen colours can be set to "flight mode" in order not to disturb the pilot.


Brochure is available from the Download page.